Depending on the film and application Pearl offers a variety of slat cover materials:

  • CFWS-1 (Gray Plastic), our original 3″ slat:
    • More slippery than standard wooden slats by 22%
    • Contains Nylon for extended wear life
    • In most instances, customers reported immediate visible improvements
    • Also offered in a 2″ version (CFWS-5)


  • CFWS-2 (Red plastic) for most poly films such as linear lows, butyls, surlyns:
    • 45% more slippery than wood
    • Pearl’s original premium plastic slat
    • Powdered lubricity agent for sustained surface slip
    • FDA compliant


  • CFWS-2BHT (Blue plastic), our most slippery plastic slat:
    • 53% more slippery than wood
    • Good for tacky and stretchy films
    • Higher temperature resistance
    • Integrated anti-static properties
    • Liquid lubricity agent added for sustained surface slip
    • FDA compliant
    • Pearl’s newest and highest performing plastic slat


  • CFSM24-1 (Black) and CFSM28-1 (Platinum) surface modified aluminum slats:
    • 70% more slippery than wood
    • Highest temperature resistance at 450°F
    • FDA compliant
    • Aluminum surface modification
    • As slippery as Teflon, yet harder than hard chrome by 15%
    • Longest wear life
    • Must be cleaned with Oil-Flo to ensure long life


If you decide to use a plastic slat for your line, we always recommend pairing it with our aluminum backer:

  • CFAL-1, Pearl’s retrofit aluminum backer (used with plastic slats only):
    • Lightweight
    • Rigid
    • Simple to mount
    • Air channel design formed with plastic covers dissipate heat from collapsing tent

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