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10 Safety Features You Need On Your Punching Machine

Pearl’s lightning attachment is a punching machine safety feature

Safety is always a top priority and flexible packaging is no exception.  Let’s take a look at some key punching machine safety features that protect your most valuable asset: your people. Great design starts with simple, well-thought-out features that make machines safe and easy to operate. From simple storage solutions that make common accidents less […]

How Much Does a Punching Machine Cost?

Pearl Technologies’ high-quality punching machine

If you are investing in a plastic packaging operation or expanding an existing operation, you’ll need to look at punching machinery, but how much does a new punching machine cost? Making the Cut: Estimating Punching Machines Costs Depending on your flexible packaging processing or converting application, your punching machine is either the final touch to […]

The Problem With Poor Quality Punching Machinery

punching machinery can create various punches on flexible packaging

Cheap punching machinery might get your flexible packaging product out the door but poor quality punching can cost you more in the long run. Poor Quality Punching Machinery Can Hit You Where It Hurts Nothing takes away from the quality of your flexible packaging like shoddy hole punching and placement. Failing to invest in quality […]

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