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The Future of Pouches in the Packaging Solutions Industry

As the world’s typical consumer changes attitudes and consumption behaviors, manufacturers are moving towards new forms of production, presentation, and distribution. At the same time, producers are working on improving their own processes and educating the public toward the signs of progress made by technology or logistics within their industries. There are several notable examples […]

Pearl participates in local county donation

Employee donated toys have been delivered to the Helpful Hearts Community Closet, Lyons, for the annual Holiday Heroes Toy Drive. There are 268 children in need of Christmas gifts for the 2021 holiday season. This is impacting 106 local (Wayne County) families. The parents get to do their “shopping” tomorrow, 12/18/2021. Pearl is proud to […]

Are You Making Pouch Packaging For Wine and Other Liquids?

Today’s consumers want more than quality products that answer their needs. They want to buy them from brands that are conscious of their environmental impact and are striving to make a difference. As more and more customers are turning to sustainable and flexible packaging, pouch packaging provides the solution companies are looking for. But, with […]

What To Know About Utilizing Wicketed Bags For Baked Goods Packaging

At Pearl Technologies, we’re proud to provide our customers with all of the components they need to add modifications to wicketed bags, such as vents, holes, or perforations. If you’re a wicketed bag making manufacturer, we have everything you need – from wicket hubs and arms to precision punching units to web handling equipment and […]

Price Changes at Pearl

Pearl Price Increase As you know, Pearl Technologies manufactures high-end precision converting and extrusion products for the flexible packaging and blown film industries with a long-standing reputation for quality, service excellence, and innovation. Over the years we have invested significant time, effort, and resources to build upon this reputation and become a partner you can […]